Preferential Voting in Single Member Electorates - Victoria

Electoral Authority: Victorian Electoral Commission
Parliament which uses Preferential Voting Legislative Assembly (Lower House)
Name of Preferential Voting system Full preferential
Formality/Informality points Formal

  • A number must be placed in every square, from "1" to the number of candidates on the ballot paper.
  • Numbers in squares may be spelt out as words ("one", "two") or ordinals ("first", "second") or roman numerals ("I", "II").
  • One square may be left unnumbered; this is deemed to be the voter's last preference.
  • It must be initialled by the election official.
  • In general, any such markings that make the voter's intention clear are allowed.


  • If numbers are repeated or omitted.
  • Ticks and crosses are not allowed.
  • "Yes" or "No" are not allowed.
Directions on the Ballot Paper (2006 Legislative Assembly election)

Number the boxes "1" to "N" (where N equals the number of candidates) in the order of your choice. Number every box to make your vote count.

Fold the ballot paper and put it in the ballot box or declaration envelope as appropriate.
Casual Vacancies The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly must issue the writ for the by-election within one month of the occurrence of the vacancy. The by-election lapses if a State election is called during the by-election period.

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