Preferential Voting in Single Member Electorates - Tasmania

Electoral Authority: Tasmanian Electoral Commission
Parliament which uses Preferential Voting Legislative Council (Upper House)
Name of Preferential Voting system Partial preferential
Ballot paper structure Single column of candidate names with the party name listed below each candidate. Non-party candidates can request the word "Independent" to be listed below their name.
Formality/Informality points Formal

  • Where there are more than 3 candidates, at least the numbers 1, 2 and 3
  • Where there are 3 candidates, at least the numbers 1 and 2
  • Where there are 2 candidates, at least the number 1
Directions on the Ballot Paper Number the boxes from 1 to N in order of your choice.

Your vote will not be counted unless you number at least X boxes.

(N = number of candidates, X=number of preferences required under formality rules)
Casual Vacancies A writ for a by-election is to be issued within 40 days of a casual vacancy occurring.

However, if the vacancy occurs between 1 January and the issue of writs for the periodic elections in that year

  • a by-election is to be held concurrent with those elections; or
  • if the periodic election for that division is due, a by-election is not required.

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