Head of State: Governor
Leader of Government: Premier
Electoral Authority: Tasmanian Electoral Commission
Parliaments and Local Councils Legislative Council House of Assembly Local Councils
Terms of Members of Parliament/Council 6 years with 3 or 2 Members elected in alternate years, i.e. a periodical cycle of elections. Elections are held on the 1st Saturday in May each year. Up to 4 years. All-in-all-out elections every four years.
Number of Members 15 elected from single-member Divisions (changed from 19 in 1998). 25 elected from 5 five-member Divisions (changed from 35 in 1998).
State and Federal Divisions are identical.
Varies from 7 to 12 Councillors per Council. 29 Local Councils.
263 Councillors in total.
Electoral Legislation Constitution Act 1934.
Electoral Act 2004.
Local Government Act 1993.
Voting Systems
Partial Preferential.
Majority system.
Robson Rotation.
Proportional representation – Hare-Clark system.
Partial Preferential.
Robson Rotation.
Proportional representation (Hare-Clark) with Robson Rotation.
Partial preferential for Councillors and Optional Preferential and Majority system for Mayors and Deputy Mayors.
Enrolment and Voting Eligibility Same as for Commonwealth.
Includes prisoners serving a sentence of imprisonment for a term of less than 3 years.
Persons on the House of Assembly roll plus owners and occupiers not on House of Assembly roll.
Voting not compulsory.
Redistribution Provisions and Frequency Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995. Every 9 years unless 4 Divisions vary by more than 25% from the average divisional enrolment. Usual practice is to adopt Commonwealth boundaries after each Commonwealth redistribution. No set provisions.
Joint Rolls Arrangements between Commonwealth, States and Territories Since 1994.
Joint Upper House, Lower House and Local Government roll.
Since 1908. Since 1994.
Funding, Donations and Disclosure Provisions Legislative Council has expenditure limit in 2018 of $16 500 per candidate and expenditure statement is required. The expenditure limit increases by $500 each year. No provision. Limit on all advertising expenditure.
Expenditure limit of $8 000 per candidate irrespective of how many positions contested.
Interesting and Particular
Electioneering and how-to-vote cards not permitted on polling day. Elections by universal postal vote.

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