Preferential Voting in Single Member Electorates - Northern Territory

Electoral Authority: Northern Territory Electoral Commission
Parliament which uses Preferential Voting Legislative Assembly
Name of Preferential Voting system Full Preferential
Formality/Informality points Formal

MUST place a '1' or '✔' or a '✖' in the square next to the candidate of their choice,


Must place consecutively increasing whole numbers (starting with the number 2) in the candidate square on the ballot paper for each of the other candidates until a number is placed in all squares on the ballot paper.


  • Any ballot paper with no marking on it.
  • Any ballot paper not having either the number '1' or a '✔' or a '✖' against the name of one candidate.
  • Any ballot paper with a distinguishing mark or writing that identifies the voter.
  • Any ballot paper that has a combination of two or more of the number '1' or a '✔' or a '✖'. Noting that a '1' takes precedence over a '✔' or a '✖'.
  • Any ballot paper where the voter's intention is not clear.
  • Two or more squares are left blank
  • A number has been repeated
  • There is a break in the number sequence (e.g. 1,2,4,5,6...)
Directions on the Ballot Paper (2020 Legislative Assembly election)

Number the boxes # to # in the order of your choice. Remember … number every box to make your vote count.
Casual Vacancies A casual vacancy is filled through a by-election where the vacancy occurs less than 3 years and 6 months after the first meeting of the Assembly following the last preceding general election.

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