Northern Territory

Head of State: Administrator

Leader of Government: Chief Minister

Electoral Authority: Northern Territory Electoral Commission
Parliaments and Local Councils Legislative Assembly Local Councils
Terms of Members of Parliament/Council 4 year fixed term: elections held 4th Saturday in August. Council elections are held on the 4th Saturday in the 4th year after the most previous general election.
Number of Members 25 single-member electorates.

N.b: The Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are included in the Northern Territory for Commonwealth electoral purposes only.
Varies from 5 to 13 per Council.
Electoral Legislation Northern Territory Self Government Act (1978).

Northern Territory Electoral Act (2004).
Local Government Act (2008).

Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2008.
Voting Systems

Full Preferential. Proportional Representation.
Enrolment and Voting Eligibility Same as for Commonwealth. Voting is compulsory for electors who are enrolled on the Northern Territory roll for an address within a council area.
Redistribution Provisions and Frequency Northern Territory Self Government Act (1978).

Northern Territory Electoral Act (2004).

A distribution of boundaries is carried out as soon as practicable after 2 years and 6 months after the polling day for a general election.
Local Government Act (2008).

Local Government (Electoral) Regulations (2008).

At least once in a council's 4 year term.
Joint Rolls Arrangements between Commonwealth, States and Territories Since 1989. Electoral rolls and roll products are provided by the Electoral Commission.
Funding, Donations and Disclosure Provisions Disclosure of donations and expenditure is required by candidates, parties, associated entities, and third-party campaigners.

No funding provisions.
Interesting and Particular Feature(s) Candidate photographs appear on the ballot paper.

At election times a large area of the Territory is serviced by mobile polling teams.
The Electoral Commissioner is the appointed returning officer for general elections. Casual vacancies are filled at a by-election if it occurs more than 18 months before the next general election. At general elections, absent voting is undertaken at nominated polling locations.

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