New internet portal provides single access point to Australian election authorities

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An internet portal just released by the Electoral Council of Australia, the Australian election portal, provides a single access point that members of the media and the public can use to quickly access Australian electoral authority websites and information.

The new portal at Australian election portal, provides direct links to the websites of all official electoral management organisations in Australia, including the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) that conducts federal elections, and to each of the eight state and territory electoral commissions that conduct the state, territory and local government elections.

The new portal is intended to help streamline the process of finding the right enrolment or electoral information, election results or contacts required at the time.

It is sometimes mistakenly thought that the AEC runs all elections rather than just federal elections. State and territory electoral commissions, independent of the AEC, conduct their elections under respective state and territory legislation. The AEC's powers and functions and its conduct of federal elections are determined by federal electoral legislation.

The address for the elections portal is

The portal was developed by the Electoral Council of Australia, a consultative council of Commonwealth, States and Territories Electoral Commissioners.

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