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Western Australia Legislative Council
Name of proportional representation system Proportional Representation
Ballot Paper Ticket Voting Above or beside the line voting Above the line ticket voting.
Rotation of candidate names Group names are drawn separately and ahead of individual candidates.
Directions For your vote to count, you may vote in one of two ways.

Either Above the line. Put the number 1 in the box to show the voting ticket you want. Fill in one box only.

Or Below the line. Number the boxes from 1 to N* in the order of your choice of candidate.

*N refers to the total number of candidates.
Formality A formal vote must have a first preference above the line or show consecutive preferences in all squares below the line, starting with the number 1.

If an elector correctly marks both above and below the line, the candidate preference vote is counted. If that is informal, the ticket vote is counted.

A ballot paper may also be considered formal if:
  • A single cross or tick is used to show the elector's preference above the line.
  • All boxes below the line have been numbered in the elector's order of preference, but the last remaining preference is left blank.
Distribution of a Surplus Method of distribution of surplus votes and calculation for new transfer value

Candidates who receive a number of votes equal to or greater than the quota, are elected immediately. Any votes of these elected candidates which are surplus to the quota are transferred to the remaining candidates at a reduced value known as a transfer value. The transfer value is calculated as follows:


Western Aus
Election of a candidate Exclusion of candidates All the excluded candidates' votes are transferred in the order in which the excluded candidate received them at the value at which they were received.
Exclusion of the lowest candidate when two or more are equal The candidate with the lowest total at the last time the candidates were not equal is excluded.

If there is no point where the votes were unequal, the excluded candidate is determined by lot.
Casual Vacancies How is a casual vacancy filled? The new member is chosen by re-count.

If a re-count is not practicable, or there is no available consenting candidate, a by-election may be held for the vacant position.

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