Proportional Representation - Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly
Name of proportional representation system Hare-Clark
Ballot Paper Ticket Voting Above or beside the line voting No
Rotation of candidate names Robson Rotation within each column
Directions Number five boxes from 1 to 5 in the order of your choice. You may then show as many further preferences as you wish by writing numbers from 6 onwards in other squares.

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Remember, number at least five boxes from 1 to 5 in the order of your choice.
Formality A formal vote must contain a single first preference (or number 1).

Further preferences are optional. Preferences can be counted until sequential numbering breaks down. A vote is informal if it does not obtain a first preference, or if it contains more than one first preference. Ticks and crosses are not accepted.
Distribution of a Surplus Method of distribution of surplus votes and calculation for new transfer value

Only the last parcel of ballot papers received by the elected candidate is distributed to pass on the surplus votes.


The transfer value cannot be calculated until the surplus has been distributed. The parcel's new transfer value cannot exceed the pervious transfer value when received by the elected candidate.

Election of a candidate Exclusion of candidates Amalgamated Transfer Values.

All of the ballot paper parcels received by the excluded candidate are amalgamated by transfer value and distributed in decreasing order of magnitude.
Exclusion of the lowest candidate when two or more are equal Exclude the candidate that had the lowest total the last time those candidates were unequal.

If those candidates were equal at all times, exclude the candidate determined by lot.
Casual Vacancies How is a casual vacancy filled? The new member is chosen by recount. If a recount is not practicable, the Legislative Assembly shall choose a replacement as follows. If the vacating member was endorsed by a political party at the time of election, the replacement must if possible be nominated by the same party. Otherwise the person chosen cannot have been a member of a political party during the preceding 12 months.

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